Why Choose the Career Agent

The Career Agent…
    • Delivers an exceptional client experience, including top-quality materials, effective job seeking strategies, and individualized career coaching.
    • Identifies which job search campaign elements best benefit a client to create an effective job search campaign at a very competitive fee.
    • Ensures each client is assigned to a career transition manager with a similar personality, so the client engages in the job search campaign.
    • Provides training in and access to resources that allow the client to successfully infiltrate the “hidden” job market – where up to 80% of the hiring takes place.
    • Helps the client not leave “money on the table” after the offer is made.
    • Helps the client in the decision making process, to ensure that they are making the right decision, with regard to an offer, and not accepting a position that might not be a good fit for the client’s career goals and passions.
    • Has a high success ratio in helping clients transition into their next career.