Testimonials for the Career Agent

  • “Hiring Kim Tracy with the Career Agent as my business coach is one of the best decisions I have made since starting my company in 2007. Kim is thoughtful, professional, experienced, grounded and real. I have been working with Kim since 2013 and her advice and guidance are an invaluable part of my business. Her background, extensive experience and her ability to think outside the box all raise my level of thinking about issues we are facing. She takes all of my life goals into account helping me to make the best decisions for my business. Her coaching style is very positive and she is constantly asking questions to help me work through the issue. She listens exceptionally well and we talk through the challenges we face and then she provides her perspective. 

    I had no real understanding of how coaching worked when I began looking for a coach, but knew I needed someone to help guide me through an extreme growth period. I highly recommend Kim Tracy, she is fabulous and I am very grateful for the incredible experience I continue to have working with her.” Rachel E. Webb, Owner, Extended Family Home Care

            • “Kim Tracy is an excellent Career Coach with proven results of success for her clients. Kim has an unprecedented style of career coaching that allows her clients to learn the proper skills to either grow within their current field or to seek new career opportunities with success. She has a positive energy that is infectious and allows for ease in conversation about career growth potentials. Her services were of tremendous value to me and I am pleased to state that due to her coaching and my desire to put into action what Kim taught me, I have secured employment within my timeframe goal.” Lisa M., Denver, CO

                      • “I had never worked with a career coach before working with Kim, however I heard a lot of things: “They aren’t worth it!” “There aren’t any good ones.” Etc. I gotta say, nothing could be further from the truth in describing my experience with Kim. 

                        One of the things I struggled with was figuring out how my past experiences as a professional would transfer over to another position. Kim led me through her process and simply asked questions and listened. She was able to hear the key words in order to provide the appropriate guidance. She was also able to write my resume in a way that finally allowed me to stand out among the rest.

                        What she does best, however, is hold her clients accountable. I needed someone to push me to get out there and be aggressive in my job search. When I approached her with options I thought might work, she gave me her unfiltered opinion which is what I respect most. I came to trust her opinions and expertise because I knew she would not lead me astray. All this to say, the process worked. Within 6 weeks I was offered a position that we both agreed was the right one. I thank her for her help and guidance. She has now become a friend.”  Andrew C., Denver, CO

                              • “I secured my first offer in 46 days! Kim’s approach to improving your career path is very effective. Further, Kim is highly engaged and helped me stay true to my personal growth plan and execution commitments.” 
                                 Kent R., Philadelphia, PA

                                    • “I started to send out the resume you created. The response to it has been strong. Thus far I have sent it out four times resulting in five interviews..Your insight into what I offer prospective employers has changed both my outlook and my presentation. Specifically, the stories you brought to light about the improvements I made to my former employer’s bottom line have been well received. Also, your guidance has helped me greatly in understanding what current employers value. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined one division would recommend me to another!” Joseph R., Evans, CO

                                      • “Kim is an outstanding individual with experience and knowledge to help you move to the next level. I have seen Kim creativity in many levels in two different fields. Kim makes you feel welcome. I would recommend Kim if you want to move your career in a greater direction.” Kevin C., Denver, CO

                                      • “I highly recommend Kim! Her expertise helped me in all facets of my job search from resume writing and interviewing skills to salary negotiation. I was impressed with her in-depth knowledge of numerous industries. She spent considerable time talking with me to glean the important aspects of my current job as well as what I wanted to do in the future. She excelled at listening. I felt that she was engaged in the process and cared about me personally. It was a pleasure to work with her!” Lisa S., Denver, CO

                                      • “Exceptional focus with spectacular results. The Career Agent’s game-winning attitude will give you direction and help you achieve your goals. I was hesitant to start, but my career transition manager gave me confidence and the assistance I really needed, helping me to get the opportunities I wanted in half the time it would have taken otherwise. Truly a professional company that drives success.” Stephan S., Austin, TX

                                      • “The Career Agent has amazing job coaches. Kim jumped right to the trouble spots, and made recommendations that other experts missed. Even though she just looked at and commented on my resume, her suggestions boosted my resume to a 75% interview hit rate. In addition, she helped my confidence and strategy. I highly recommend Kim to anyone who is looking for work.” Rachelle D., PMP, Denver, CO

                                      • “Working with The Career Agent was a turning point for my business! Their knowledge about finding a career or clients has definitely been a huge boost for me! My career transition manager did everything from interview training, working logistics out and guiding you through the process! Not to mention she knew everyone in town and beyond.” Karen G., Denver, CO

                                      • “I feel fortunate to have Kim Tracy on my team as she is a deeply talented career coach with great enthusiasm and attention to detail. I would not hesitate to recommend The Career Agent for any business relationship as she always leaves me feeling stronger and focused on the task at hand. If you are looking for any direction with your career, The Career Agent should be contacted immediately. She helped me find a great position in less than two weeks.” Dan P., Parker, CO

                                      • “I hired The Career Agent to help orchestrate a job search and resume upgrade. While I had been trying it on my own for over six months with only one interview, after completing my resume upgrade, I was offered a position at nearly a 50% increase in salary.” John M., Denver, CO

                                      • “I would recommend The Career Agent to anyone in need of a new resume or engaged in a job search. They are a master of organizing your information and helping to set career goals. The career transition manager will help you look at all the options, and will spend countless time with you are happy with the results. The Career Agent works until the job is done. They will keep you on track and focused.”Phyllis P., Levittown, PA

                                      • “Hiring The Career Agent is the best thing anyone who is seriously looking for a job can do for themselves. Their resumes get results! I have had several interviews in the past two months thanks to the resume and marketing materials they wrote for me, Kim’s marketing expertise gets you noticed by the top executives of companies. If you do everything she coaches you to do, you will get noticed and receive phone calls. Kim is a great person to work with, she keeps you focused, and gives you the tools needed to get the job and she makes looking for a job fun! Carol B., The Villages, FL

                                      • “I would recommend The Career Agent to anyone who is serious about their professional life! Their work is outstanding, professional, honest, and hits the mark every time.” Eva S., Baltimore, MD

                                      • “The Career Agent provides high quality services. The materials that were written for me were of the highest quality. My resume was very powerful and it went from a duties resume to a result resume which made all of the difference in the world. The career coaching is outstanding as well. My career transition manager was very knowledgeable in resources for job hunting and had a very positive attitude. The day after she gave me interview training, I had a job and I credit the resume and career coaching for a large part in my success. I recommend The Career Agent to anyone who is job hunting – you won’t be disappointed with their services!” Mara T., Denver, CO

                                      • “I began working with The Career Agent a few months ago. Kim is detail oriented and is driven toward achieving the goals put before her. She is not afraid to think out of the box, and she utilizes every resource she has to get the job done. Kim challenges others to step out of their comfort zone and grow as an individual. She is very personable and willing to do what it takes to get the job done.” Duane L., Denver, CO

                                      • “Working with The Career Agent has been a real pleasure. Kim is a reliable professional who goes the extra mile to get things done. She’s very personable and produce outstanding results in a very short time. I recommend her wholeheartedly.” Danielle W., Brandon, FL

                                      • “Kim is highly intelligent and very detail oriented. I contracted The Career Agent’s services and was extremely satisfied with the final product. If there is an opportunity to hire or work with Kim in the future, I will definitely take advantage of it.” Genette F., Charlotte, NC

                                      • “Kim is a very talented individual who gets results. She is able to provide insight while providing excellent marketing recommendations. She knows how to work the various markets and utilize a network to provide direction. She is personable and easy to work with. I highly recommend Kim for any career services needs you may have…you cannot go wrong.” Jill S., Tucson, AZ

                                • “Kim is an exceptional person to work with and know. Her creativity was outstanding and the products she developed for me are best in class. She knows how to connect you to the decision makers in any organization and can be of great assistance in making a career change.” John B., Dallas, TX