Job Campaigns

Executive Job Search Campaigns

The Career Agent took great care evaluating job search campaign elements, to determine what materials and strategies clients really use, and what really works. This allows our career transition managers to facilitate an efficient executive job search campaign that produces results! While the primary goal is to help clients transition into their next position, our career transition managers teach clients valuable skills that will be used for the rest of their professional careers.

We start by writing the resumes and cover letters. Our clients have found that the format and style of these “credentials” creates an exciting picture of them, and compels the key decision makers to pick up the phone and call. The second half of the job search campaign involves coaching clients on effective job seeking strategies to employ throughout their job search campaign.

Many industry experts say that only 20% of the positions filled are advertised, and up to 80% are never advertised. This “unpublished” or “hidden” job market can be a tough nut to crack, if you don’t know the secret and have the resources. Our clients are provided the resources to quickly identify the key decision makers at every level, in any industry, in any city or state in the country. This puts their credentials in front of the hiring executive or manager, instead of burying them in the black hole of HR. This approach not only increases their chances exponentially, but reduces competition substantially.

Each career transition manager coaches the client for phone and face-to-face interviews, and serves as a sounding board regarding offer letter negotiation.

The Career Agent strongly believes in developing a relationship with your career transition manager, who provides consistent coaching and messaging. Therefore, when purchasing a job search campaign, you will work one-to-one with your coach throughout your job search campaign, instead of being handed off to whoever happens to be available.