The Career Agent’s Story

The Career Agent’s story begins in 2008…

After returning from the Riviera Maya, I discovered that the US economy was in shambles and a job search proved to be much more difficult than I had expected. Like most professionals, online applications seemed to be the way to go, except it was extremely frustrating and disheartening due to lack of response.

I was recruited by a marketing firm that worked with professionals, who needed executive level career coaching, resumes, and guidance through career transition. With my pr, marketing, and sales background, I was able to utilize all of my skills and impact people’s lives at the most fundamental of levels.

Like many of us, I became disheartened with this company and left. But I truly enjoyed facilitating executive job search campaigns and helping them through career transition. I also had a high success ratio of clients landing new positions.

So, like many entrepreneurs, I evaluated the situation and said… “If I could do this on my own, what if…” and The Career Agent was born.

Since that day, The Career Agent has successfully coached clients – throughout the US and in numerous industries — through executive job search campaigns by teaching the class no one taught us in high school or college.

Our career transition managers are seasoned professionals, who bring a wealth of knowledge and have invested in their career coaching skills. Each career transition manager customizes a client’s job search campaign to meet their needs, and most importantly…to get the job done.

– Kim Tracy, Principal