The Career Agent’s Story

The Career Agent specializes in guiding seasoned professionals through career transition. Our clients reside in the US or are relocating to the US.

We empower professionals to identify their passions and purpose, and successfully change careers or re-enter the workforce, and provide them the resources to achieve that result.

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Our Ideal Client

    • We teach the class that no one taught us in high school or college:“How to Market Yourself to Get a Job.”
    • We specialize in coaching US-based professionals with annual salaries from $65K up to C-level executives.
    • We also offer job search and career coaching packages…for the younger professional or the new college graduate

Testimonials for the Career Agent

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Why Choose the Career Agent

The Career Agent…
    • Delivers an exceptional client experience, including top-quality materials, effective job seeking strategies, and individualized career coaching.
    • Identifies which job search campaign elements best benefit a client to create an effective job search campaign at a very competitive fee.
    • Ensures each client is assigned to a career transition manager with a similar personality, so the client engages in the job search campaign.
    • Provides training in and access to resources that allow the client to successfully infiltrate the “hidden” job market – where up to 80% of the hiring takes place.
    • Helps the client not leave “money on the table” after the offer is made.
    • Helps the client in the decision making process, to ensure that they are making the right decision, with regard to an offer, and not accepting a position that might not be a good fit for the client’s career goals and passions.
    • Has a high success ratio in helping clients transition into their next career.